Pradeep Machiraju the ANCHOR’s Phone switch off to Escaped from Police, Media and Counseling!

The total Telugu state are concerned about the Pradeep Machiraju the Drunken & drive case of this anchor currently. People have been discussing a lot about this while Police got shocked to see unable to find him today for counseling.

” We wanted to bring him to counseling and we called him on the mobile phone but he didn’t lift the call at all. We got surprised and called the alternate number and that too was switched off. Few of the constables were sent to his home where the Anchor was not found and parents, family of his said he is not available currently. This took a irk of us we are under search for him. He is supposed to be attending the court and counseling as well ” said Hyderabad police tackling to media.

The concern of Pradeep Machiraju looks like he is not interested to take any counseling for this issue and he took it as a big time prestige for sure. So he is escaping from Media, Police, Counseling and Court. This might be a bigger crime for him than other tings as he need to attend for counseling in these weekend. Lets see how Police will end this story. Sources said Pradeep is trying his best to go legally and skip the counseling.

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