Pradeep Machiraju comes out of Absconding and releases a video

We have been updating on what is happening with Pradeep Machiraju the famous anchor of Telugu TV Channels. The guy who got caught in Drunken & Drive was gone absconding all the way without attending to the counselling or to the court.

He has accepted his mistake and asked everyone not to misunderstand him ” I am pradeep Machiraju, Everyone knows what happened with me on December 31st midnight. I was supposed to be attending Counselling and other things but i skipped the sessions. Now i am ready to attend them. I am currently busy with shootings and was unable to do them. As i am having agreements with the channels i was not seen for media or police. I am free now and will go to the counselling or court soon, My phone rang so lot of times just because of this issue so i switched it of. I am requesting no one should be doing this mistake again ” Pradeep explained in a video he released.

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