Police STRONG Warning for PRIYA VARRIER’S Wink!

The Priya Varrier issues have been going on as sensation still. Now none other than Police have put a bigger warning sign at the sign boards asking the people to drive carefully and be aware of their driving.

Police posted the picture of Priya winking with a caption, “Accidents happen in the wink of an eye. Drive carefully, without distraction #TrafficEkSanskar”. Priya Varrier is known for her Wink video a month back where in she has become so famous for her Oru Adar Love movie.

Vadodara police created a reasonable viral post asking the people to drive carefully as the WINK time can create damage for the lives. Police asking the drivers and commuters to be very very safe on the roads and be responsible. Thus they are giving Warning in the name of Priya Varrier.

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