Pimps in Goa asking for AADHAAR CARD for paid romance

The new Aadhaar issues were being raised by Government are creating storm and issues to the normal people. Everything included of Assets, bank accounts, schemes is included with Aadhaar in the country now where GOA is the place where Aadhaar is required to prostitutes as well.

Few youth from Delhi to Goa had a visit and they explained about waht happened with pimps over there. ” There came a broker for us to meet us with pimps and he enquired with all details of us. They got to know we are from Delhi checked everything but he didn’t gave us Pimps/girls just because we are not carrying our Aadhaar cards. He also asked us to send photos of Hotel room along with tags. ” Said the youth from Delhi.

Police are busy in arresting Pimps while this kind of issues are happening around.

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