Netizens angry with Hyderabad Traffic Police for removing ‘Admin H’; Trending #BringBackAdminh

Netizens on Facebook and Twitter have developed special interest on the official pages of Hyderabad Traffic Police from the last year just because of their humorous posts and witty replies to the followers. The reason behind all the humour is the young admin named Harinath Reddy who had been handling the official social media accounts of HTP (Hyderabad Traffic Police) with a tagline of ‘Admin H’.

For some unknown reasons Harinath Reddy was removed from Facebook and twitter accounts of HTP which ultimately made the netizens report their page and reduce their page rating. Many have been sending feedback asking to bring back ‘Admin H’ while some of them unfollowed the HTP accounts.

On the other side, those who had been following HTP just for Admin H, have started to reduce the page rating on a rapid note and trending #BringBackAdminh.

Harinath Reddy who lost his girl friend in a bike accident stated that he does not want anyone to face such accident in future which is why he chose to work for HTP. After looking at the hashtag trending on social media, HTP responded saying that Admin H misused their accounts but did not exactly point out what his mistake was.

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