When will Sri Reddy Agitation stop on casting couch in Tollywood Film Industry?

It looks like there is no stopping the Tollywood actor SRIREDDY. After revealing many big names of Tollywood like Daggubati AbhiRam, Kona Venkat, Hero Nani and Dil Raju and many others but it looks like she has many other celebrities information and she is pointing a new name every single day and that too with proofs and now latest celebrity name that she revealed yesterday is ‘Vakada Appa Rao’ who is the producer for Balakrishna ‘Maharadhi’ and also the executive producer for the ongoing Megastar 151st film SYE RA and Khaidi No 150.

She also appealed to Chiranjeevi not to encourage this kind of people who exploited hundreds of female artists including a 16-year girl. Though many people know that there is casting couch issue in Tollywood but none complained about this but after Sri Reddy show started attacking few celebrities many small female artists coming forward and sharing their sufferings and experiences.

Maa association now removed the ban on her and even started a team to stop this casting couch issues. We need to see whether Sri Reddy still has many names to reveal or will she stop after getting a positive response from Movie Artist Association.

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