Who gained a lot of TRP because of SRIDEVI?

Always the Media is into getting good TRPs for Sensational news and they are always interested in the same things. Telugu media houses gained maximum benefit all the way covering the untimely death of Sridevi the actress. There is a lot of criticism over the baseless theories ran on her death. Right from February 24th to till her cremation even after the cremation too few media houses went so viral in spreading out the sensational cooking stories and got the TRP’s at their best.

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TV9 stood as the biggest gainer with a TRP of 92/56, almost 25 percent more than NTV which holds the second spot with 73/55 rating. V6, TV5, and Sakshi occupied rest of the Top 5 Spots.

TRP Ratings & Rankings:

Rank 1) TV9-92 TRP.

Rank 2) NTV-73 TRP.

Rank 3) V6-51 TRP.

Rank 4) TV5-42 TRP.

Rank 5) Sakshi-42 TRP.

Rank 6) 10TV-41 TRP.

Rank 7) ABN-34 TRP.

Rank 8) T News – 32 TRP.

Rank 9) HMTV – 25 TRP.

Rank 10) ETV AP – 21 TRP.

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