Twitter War for Sachin Tendulkar: Dexter Paaji vs Sachin fans, #Isupportdexterpaaji trending-Full Story !!

The TROLL KING on Twitter Dexter Paaji has faced some jeopardy the last night because of his Controversial tweet on Cricket god of the country Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar who has millions of fans online and offline is praised as Demi god in the Cricket loving country India. He posted a twitter tweet that “How you win is more important than winning ” Dexter Paaji named parody/troll account guy posted a reply to Sachin with a funny style of his, “Scoring century is more important than winning” which is a casual troll on Sachin.

But the Tons of Telugu people who are Sachin fanatics got seriously offended on this and made an issue out of this tweet and started targetting Dexter Paaji – @AndrewEliezer. Later on, supporters of Dexter trended #IsupportDexterPaaji and this went into a viral issue few minutes online. Pratyusha a famous twitter handle girl who is also a friend of Dexter Paaji too lashed at him after this tweet “friendship aa fanism aa ante. Sachin daka vasthe Sachin tharwatahe ne friendship ! Nenu abhimaniche Sachin Ni nuvu respect eyalenapudu ne thokalo friendship unte entha lekunte entha, Sachin Ni aa helmets ni assembly point lo troll chesko  evadu em anadu ninu.. SACHIN commitment gurinchi Cricket gurinchi troll chesthe elage gudlu tomato lu esurutharu thupuk ani umestharu!! ” she posted. Famous Twitter account YNAKG replied to Dexter’s comment stating, “Centuries Scored – 100 Matches won – 53 Matches Drawn-20 Matches Tied/No Result-2 Matches Lost-25 A winning or not losing conversion rate of 75%” where the controversial tweet of Dexter is technically no so correct.

However, Dexter’s idea looks like a casual troll but not a serious one according to statistics. Trolling generally goes on the logic of what People have the idea of a particular person but not on the Logic. People on Twitter has always the habit of taking the things seriously in all ways. While the supporters of Dexter states .. “Manam Hate chesevalani troll chesetapudu enjoy chesi mana Fav ni troll chesetapudu digest chesukokapovatam immaturity things” Looks like #ISUPPORTERDEXTERPAAJI going to trend India wide or for Hyderabad trends.

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