Telugu TV Channels “Asthi Pampakalu” for Sridevi, How shameful

We have been seeing how annoying the Telugu TV channels have been and how they are dealing with each and every issue in the society Leaving out the important things like Syria war and lot other things in this country they solely concentrated on the Sridevi issue with their over strategies and over action episodes.

They behaved like investigation centers all in all. Now the current situation shows out the Media has become very poor and cheap. The current scenario shows that “Aasthulu Evariki” programme has got been telecasted. They have been now into the assets and distribution of Sridevi after her death recently.

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This kind of annoying attitude of famous and prestigious TV Channels just to gain some TRP is so poor and everyone is annoyed about the same. There is no proper guidelines and guidance for those channels and they are telecasting whatever they like which is a kind of too bad.

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