Sridevi’s husband Boni Kapoor to be arrested today?

We have been giving out investigations about Dubai police and how they are dealing with the case of Sridevi’s untimely demise. Police are explaining the case in three different types, One will be the chance of killing the chance of suicide chance fo accidental drowning.

So now Boni Kapoor is also under the chance to question a lot where in Sridevi’s every personal will be with Boni himself. So if things go wrong Boni Kapoor might be get arrested as well. The marriage of Sridevi’s nephew gone on 20th wherein Sreedevi was in Dubai for 24th date Boni came back to India meanwhile for Mumbai and returned back.

So now the bigger question is that from where he has the reason for returning and coming back. So considering the forensic things and other proofs Boni Kapoor might be arrested today.?

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