Sri Reddy Unknowingly adding extra mileage to Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan?

Sri Reddy who is very busy in attacking Tollywood celebrities through news channels and social media on casting couch might be had lost her balance. She not only participating in unnecessary discussions in Television channels but also crossing lines in her fight against which she calls as Justice. Many intellectuals ignored her as they can understand the mindset of her and her allegations because it will not create any effect on them and in reverse, her issue actually became full-time pass for TV audience with respect to the few who really suffered. We all know that Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena followers protested at Indira Gandhi statue, necklace road against the Aasifa incident in a temple at Kathua. When speaking to the media against this one reporter asked Pawan regarding Sri Reddy agitations and Pawan replied that his support will be there for sure but as per law the victims of casting couch should better approach police first instead of going to news channel debates because the actual point may be misrouted. Many people like Madhavi Latha etc supported Pawan’s reply and told that is only the right way of approach and even Sri Reddy thanked Pawan saying anna in one of her tweets and filed a case.

Everything went well but suddenly yesterday speaking to the media Sri Reddy slapped herself with her sandal for calling Power Star Pawan Kalyan as ‘Anna’ previously. Furthermore, she uttered a ‘boothu’ word on Pawan Kalyan and even a single person did not understand Y she has to use such a senseless and vulgar language People like Sri Reddy, who attain sudden fame, get many hallucinations and feel as heroes and heroines. In such a Trans, they may exhibit odd behavior.

TV viewers who are observing all these developments are sure that this will not degrade Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena at least 0.1% as everyone knows about the Janasena chief and instead this will definitely create Sympathy on him and might add more mileage.

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