Sree Reddy vs Rakul Preeth Singh on Casting couch, Shut up Rakul!!Shouts Sree reddy!

Sree Reddy is the new actress of Telugu cinema who is posting derogatory and controversial comments about the Casting couch of Telugu cinema. Sree Reddy came out to put all the experiences that she faced and she has been getting under Publicity issue.

Media is covering all her aspects wherein Rakul Preet Singh denied such comments from Sree Reddy and stated they are so safe. “Amma !! Rakul Preeth just because you have a lot of crores and crores don’t talk like you know everything. We know how much we are struggling and how many life problems we are facing in Telugu industry ” stated Sree Reddy.

“I am talking all the truth in the Telugu cinema. Rakul knows nothing and I never spoke about the heroines who came from the south. We Telugu woman know what we are suffering for sure. As her to be cool and undisputed first” stated Sree Reddy.

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