Ram Gopal Varma to be arrested by police today??

We have already known about the social activist Devi who filed the case on ace movie director Ram Gopal Varma for his demeaning comments on TV Debate. She filed the police complaint about inappropriate comments he made during TV debate on porn vide GST. Police registered the case under Sections 508, 509 of IPC and 67 of IT Act.

Devi during the TV Debate asked why TV Channels are giving out best publicity for this porn video while there is 4000 crore of porn websites and as there are useless people like RGV working out there RGV replied that how Devi will know that there are lot many porn sites? If she won’t watch… This went embarrassment for her and Devi Took this issue to police.

Police also served a fresh notice to RGV asking them to attend the police station. Ram Gopal Varma now posted the same on Twitter and stated ”With regard to the FIR on me ..am appearing before the concerned authorities as I am duty bound as a citizen to respect the law of the land to give reply to the false accusations made against me” the sources said he might be arrested today.

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