Ram Charan Tej-Only Hero In Entire India Carrying The Father Legacy Successfully?

Ram Charan is Celebrating the Birthday of his today wherein Social media is going so viral already. Everyone is looking and waiting for his Rangasthalam movie where Mega power star + Sukumar combination is given the best out of trailers and songs already. Now the Mega fans are excited to see the movie on Day one.

The movie is all set for coming 30th release. Mega Power Star acquired all the great qualities of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan and has proved, himself, the mega successor.

The Twitter fans have been praising him for anything where one of the fans Sekhar stated out that .. ” Mega Power Star Ram Charan is the ONLY true successor… “Only Hero In The Entire India Carrying The Father Legacy Successfully 🤘🤘#HBDDearestRamCharan” he wrote on Twitter and the tweet went so viral. Mega PowerStar is said to be the one who is carrying the successful legacy of course .. But is he the alone?

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