Rajamouli is using NTR and Ram Charan for his own selfish cause !!

We already know how much gaga does the picture of Rajamouli, NTR and Ram Charan created few weeks back on social media. With in minutes the main stream  media declared out this picture is proof that Jakkanna is doing a movie together with Ram Charan and NTR the people representing Mega and Nandamuri  Khandaans respectively.

The interesting news here is that Jakkanna is pretty much known as GRAPHICS Director for his wonderful and innumerable works like  Eega, Bahubali series. No other director in this country including Shankar can bring such great output to a film with such a lesser budget and with smaller  market land. But Jakkanna made it possible.

So he is called Graphics director more in Bollywood than a guy with stories and emotions in hand. SO Jakkanna wants to remove it using both NTR, Charan and he asked his father Vijayendra Prasad to write a clean sports drama like Dangal which should have zero VFX at least for  songs too. This way Rajamouli will be clearly using both Charan and NTR to remove that mark on him in Bollywood.

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