Why NTR has become so Arrogant? What’s wrong in working for NTR biopic?

NTR the other day at the press conference gave some interesting answers and too showed his Ego kind of feel when talking about his Babai’s NTR biopic film directed by Teja Dharma. left with no options when asked about this NTR biopic NTR was seen arrogantly answering.

“Are you going to play in the movie of NTR Biopic of Balakrishna Garu as very big actors are being seen in the film doesn’t it bother you to ask? Do anyone called you for acting in that” a reporter asked and NTR’s answer was different. At first, he said “I even heard of that but I never got a call from them once I get il think of it” he said.

Once again the Reporter extended the question and NTR answered “Yes if I get the opportunity I will take your permission and will be surely acting in it” he stated. This kind of senseless and sarcasm answer is looking so bold on social media and anti-fans of NTR are looking at it as Arrogance.

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