Mahesh fans send threats to ZIGS BUJJI from Poland about Bharath Ane Nenu.

The language Telugu is truly owned by the ZBIGS BUJJI a Foreign Polland small boy loves to sing for Telugu songs and Telugu film. He started singing the songs of Telugu like Agnyaathavaasi and Rangasthalam in the recent times and he got great applause.

Zbigs Bujji also sang for the film Spyder before Agnyaahtavaasi and fans are considering him as a Plop sentiment. Now the new sentiment is that he was seen in Mister movie too which will be a bad sentiment. He posted out that he has got shocking threat from Mahesh Babu fans warning not to sing the songs from Bharath Ane Nenu.

“I Received mag from MAHESH BABU fan asking me not to sing BAN song cos the film will be a disaster Well I SANG ENTHASAKKAGUNNAVE and the film is a BLOCKBUSTER A well-made film ONLY will RUN. MY singing will not affect a Film. Will sing any song if I LIKE IT. FANS WAR must STOP” He posted on Twitter and the tweet is going sensational. Looks like Mahesh fans who are not happy with back to back disasters of their hero has not been happy at all of this new negative sentiment and they are sending threats to the kid.

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