Koratala Siva gives YES to Nani and NO to Akhil?

The current news from Film Nagar is approaching us stating that Koratala Siva’s next movie is under bigger demand and the director is struck between two heroes.

We have been reporting about Bharath Ane Nenu movie wherein also on another side the film of Koratala with Akhil is also on Cards so if things go smooth Akhil can be doing his third movie with Koratala Siva. But after the close sources stating out on us that Hero Nani is looking to do the film with Koratala Siva for which the Hero is so happy that he got a script from the bigger director.

Koratala made films with Prabhas, NTR and Mahesh kind of star heroes. The range and market of Nani are so lesser when compared to these people so if things go fine Nani will be in for KoratalaSiva and Akhil will be leaving out.

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