JR NTR’s Bigg boss to be hosted by NANI… Almost confirmed!

The name of JR NTR took the range of Biggboss Telugu show into bigger range and the TRP that that season one got is unbelievable and it still an unbreakable record. NTR with his wonderful diction and work gave his best to the show and MAA TV gained a lot of momentum with this show.

Now because of his lot of commitments and especially this Rajamouli film, NTR jr looks like unable to take the things on a positive note so the sources said Nani is almost OKIE for the new show. Season 2 of Biggboss will be started soon wherein Nani is going to be hosting this if sources are believed.

Sources say that Nani’s spontaneity and his natural instinct makes him a perfect fit to host a reality show like Big Boss. Nani’s range of chance and his perfect workout for this show might be working.

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