“For every action there will be an equal and Opposite reaction” Tweets Pawan Die hard Fan Nithin on Sri Reddy issue

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is not only a star hero in Tollywood but also called as Demi-God by his fans and Followers. Maybe his kind of action in films or ground to earth character made him the craziest star in Tollywood, He is beyond a Hero and sky is the limit to scale his stardom. Having crores of fans he never ever behaved like a star celebrity. Like the normal common audience, Many Tollywood heroes also treat Pawan Kalyan as their favorite star and Hero Nithin will be on the first line among them.

After Sri Reddy’s abusing Pawan Kalyan unnecessarily yesterday his fans went mad and many expressed it by posting videos and messages in social media. They even plan to start a protest against Sri Reddy and even as we all know that Pawan fans and Mahesh Babu fans are rivalries who show utmost Fanism on their heroes but even Mahesh fans showed their support to Pawan Kalyan in social media by common #MBFansSupportPk which went viral In Minutes.

Many analysts opined that when film celebrities use Pawan Kalyan name and fame in their films for building craze y are they not coming out and supporting Pawan Kalyan but here comes the diehard fan of Power Star, Nithin. He few minutes before tweeted “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…just wait for it… it’s coming!!!” which is an indirect warning to Sri Reddy. Need to wait and watch how will he handle this situation.

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