Fake Chance in RAVITEJA’s film, Guy molested her.

A guy tried to molest an upcoming girl who wanted to be heroin for the movies of Telugu. The guy named Jagadish offered her that she can be a becominng heroine in Film of Raviteja. She was finally molested and getting issues from Jagadish.

He started taking the money and cheating her as well. The Banjara Hills police got shocked and arrested this guy. The girl is living in Gacchi Bowl and she met Jagadish on Facebook recently. We already know Ravi is doing a movie with Kalyan Krishna the director… He promised her that she is going to be the second heroine in that movie.

Pragathi Nagar apartment at Sri Nagar colony is where she got asked to come in. She went over there and got molested over there. She straight away went to Banjara Hills police station and gave the complaint.

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