BIG SHOCK: Mahesh Kathi is having Video,Photo’s of Poonam and Pawan Kalyan kissing!!

The current solid news in Telugu states is all about Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Kathi all the way. The bigger drama between Kalyan fan’s and Kathi Mahesh pulled in Poonam Kaur into the issue wherein Mahesh Kathi is trying to blame her for being in with Pawan Kalyan a few year’s back.

The big-time issue has been into news channels on previous Sunday. Poonam Kaur did not answer anything about the questions that were laid by Kathi Mahesh as of now. But here comes an interesting shocking update where our strong sources said Kathi Mahesh is having video or photograph of Pawan Kalyan kissing Poonam Kaur all the way.

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Political circles and movie people are so worried to know this and what if Pawan Kalyan’s fame will be drained and it will be released by Kathi Mahesh. The sources also said Kathi is waiting for Sunday and he is going to reveal this kind of photo’s or videos soon.

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