3 questions to prove Pawan Kalyan is puppet in the hands of Naidu

“Debbalu Tinadanikayina Siddham. Jail Ki Velladanikayina Siddham. Prajala Kosam Denikaina Siddham.” Says Pawan Kalyan at todays meet with people at  Uttharandhra. While ‘Janasena in Uttharandhra’ is trending in Twitter world wide on one side, Other Pawan kalyan went to the various places in  Uttharandhra clearing out his idea of support to DCI employees who are protesting against Privatization.

Everything is going good and glad that Pawan Kalyan is  on his own way for helping the employees. But the questions arise here that Pawan might be responding for various causes at various times , but on one hand  when Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Praja Sankalpa Yatra is going good Pawan is into the political arena all of a sudden keeping the shoot of Agnathavasi aside. The  second attentive point is that Yellow Media which usually never focuses much on Pawan is giving minute to minute update on his new tour.

Also the  bigger  question is that while the other issues like ‘ 108 Maintenance ‘ problem ‘ Krishna River Tragedy’ (Months back) prevailing in Andhra Pradesh  Pawan moved his  feet only for a ‘Central Government blamed problem’ . Doesn’t this clearly show Pawan is still puppet in the hands of Naidu?

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