Chevella MP’s alcohol suggestion to Election Commission shows a true leadership in Telangana…!

There are many politicians who uses the laws and loop holes for their benefits and there are a few who are well aware of the purpose and power of an innovation. It’s all about Chevella MP, Konda Vishweswar Reddy who proposed an initiative ahead of the early elections that are going to took place this 7th. He has been received huge round of applause all over the social media with his presence of mind.
Yesterday he proposed an innovative initiative proposing to use breath analysers at strategic polling booths. As the Election Commission is a body that makes sure the elections go clean without any chance manipulation. But till now, no initiated has been took by them to prevent the drunken people who comes to booths with abrupt influence of political parties. The proposal from Konda Vishweswar Reddy lead Chaos in the ruling party, TRS as they are well known with his intelligence and genuineness. With this only letter, he make sure that Congress is neither going to support nor tolerate these kind of acts and indirectly made TRS hinch for these kind of deeds.
 “I believe drunk and drive accidents will destroy families and negatively affect the lives of the people. Similarly alcohol during polls will destroy democracy by misguiding the ,” he said. He also stated that he is proposing this one after witnessing unprecedented usage of money for alcohol in ground level. People are opining that these kind of politicians should step up at this crucial period applauding what Konda Vishweswar Reddy has proposed. He is well known with such outstanding motives when he was in TRS in the past. Now he is being considered as the the man who can influence the polls against TRS being in Congress.