Chandra Babu Comments on Modi’s Governance!

TDP president as well as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu has made some latest allegations over Modi. He alleged that Modi does not know, how to maintain the governance and this might lead to loss in the Country’s development. While addressing a collector’s meeting, Chandra Babu Naidu is said to have said that Modi is encouraging inefficient¬† officials by posting them in higher positions. He said so while pointing out at the officials of New Delhi. He told the collectors and media¬† that, Modi was dumping inefficient officials from Gujarat to New Delhi. He said that, the officials at higher positions must be effective enough to deal with all possible situations, but Modi did not do that and has placed all the ineffective officials at higher positions. He added that this action of Modi will be causing more damage to the governance in the country for some more time. He told that it might seem as a little problem for Modi right now, but it is going to cause a huge damage in future for a long time. He said all these while addressing the issues of collectors and other IAS officials in the state at the Collector’s conference conducted in Undavalli, Guntur.