Amrapali Marriage date fix, Look at the wedding card its awesome

We have already reported about the marriage of Warangal Collector Amrapali few days back. She is getting married to IPS Officer Sameer Sharma where in she will be doing this in this month only. The social media is under huge discussion about the same.

February 18th is successful date for both of them and they fixed the same. Right from February 15th to March 7th Amrapali already took the leave. After the marriage At Warangal Amrapali will give reception to his friends in Warangal and in 25th another reception is planned in Hyderabad. They have already managed the Wedding card, Reception card and sources said the card is so costly and looked so awesome as well.

They had Cloth painting in the Wedding card first page also with Collector office camp people will be specially called to her marriage. Two kind of cards were printed one for the close people and other for normal acquaintances.