8th class student thretens to rape his teacher and her daughter

The current generation has been going towards more about porn and forgetting the ethics and values of life. These kind of incidents are being discussed a lot but still the things are not going any time better. This is a disturbing issue where Class 8th student from reputed school in Gurugram aka Gurgaon threatened his teacher and her daughter who is also his classmate.

He asked them to come to his house else he is going to rape them together. The class 8th student invited his teacher to a candle light dinner and sex through email. Both the incidents have created a sensation in the media. As the incident is so sensitive the names are unable to be displayed.

The school management themselves issued a note on this and stated that This is an incident involving lower middle school student who is involved in offensive and objectionable cyber issue with his teacher and the investigation is going on by Police with a required counseling to the kid soon.

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