Why Mahesh fans and NTR fans are against to Pawan Kalyan on Poonam Kaur issue?

Favouritism of Heros has been getting out of the zone and everyone is surprised to see how things work towards other heroes than their own. If a teaser or trailer of other heroes got released Anti-fans are more enthusiastic than their own fans.

Currently, this kind of trend is so bigger in Telugu social media where people are trying their best to defame Pawan Kalyan after Mahesh Kathi’s baseless allegations worked in. Mahesh posted that Poonam Kaur is the girlfriend of Pawan Kalyan and they both were together a lot of times.

Now without any proof given Pawan Kalyan anti-fans are making memes on it calling Poonam Kaur as the 4th wife and degrading Kalyan on twitter and other places of Social media. When Prince Mahesh Babu faced an issue during Arjun piracy, Power Star backed him. Also when NTR has got problems from TDP long back Pawan stood by him backstage.

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