My Whole hearted Apologies to Pawan Kalyan Mother, Sri Reddy tweets

After her Vulgar comments on Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan and his mother unnecessarily looks like Sri Reddy felt the heat from fans and Pawan supporters though she tried to tell some cock and bull stories to support her words on Pawan Kalyan no one cared about it but some how she managed last two days and Pawan Kalyan fans who fired up on Sri reddy involving Pawan Kalyan who unnecessarily reacted in social media sites and youtube platforms and gave left and right to her Even many Tollywood celebrities like Young mega heroes, nithin and many female artists also came in support to pawan kalyan and actress madhavi latha took a step forward and even did a silent protest.

With all this Sri Reddy though tried to convince saying that her fight and protest is for the welfare of many female artists but everyone opined that she lost her mental imbalance and her protest had already diverted and she lost the support of people once she bought Pawan Kalyan name in to picture.

With all this, just a few minutes before Pawan actress through her twitter handle apologized Pawan Kalyan mother and in her words “My wholehearted apology to Pawan Kalyan and his mother and didn’t do it wantedly but whatever I did is absolutely wrong” tweeted Sri reddy.

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