VIRUSHKA’s marriage has ‘Secret’ connection with Hyderabad

The wedding of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma aka VIRUSHKA has been the talk of the nation now where in the wedding too has some connection with Hyderabad as the Hyderabad based Joseph Radhik the one big award winning photographer and his wife Devika Narain who are from Lucknow went as Wedding planners to Virat and Anushka.

The couple revealed the news after everything is done and admitted that they knew this from past 2 months and wanted to kept it as a secret after the request of Virat and Kohli. Joseph Radhik and Devika Narain maintained outmost secrecy over the high-profile wedding not even the parents off each others know this news at all.

Recently Joseph Radhik’s Father in law Pradeep Narain knew about this officially and he visited the home of Joseph and his daughter to congratulate on this.

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