US denies Visa to TFI actresses after prostitution racket exposed

It is known that an NRI couple named Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandra Modugumudi have been accused of trapping Tollywood actors and forcing them into prostitution. Post the issue actresses who have been to US were being enquired for further details.

As the immigrant officials and the cops found out that many of the actresses were involved in the prostitution racket, the US government had officially announced that there will be no US visa granted to actresses from Tollywood.

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It is reported that the immigration authorities enquired the Telugu organizers inviting heroines to their events. The organizers were said to have answered that it is to add glamour to the event. The authorities, however, were not convinced by the answer, denied visa to Tollywood actresses.

Actress Surekha Vani recently applied for B1B2 visa to attend ATA association event but US consulate rejected her visa after mention about ATA.

Few Telugu Associations in US are now clueless why the NRI couple mentioned about the events and are now in dilemma thinking how to invite the stars.

Recently actress Sri Reddy and anchor Anasuya made their statements on the racket and revealed that the NRI couple contacted them to visit US. Further details on the case will be revealed in short time.

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