Twist behind the death of Comedian Vijay Sai aka Potti Prasad

The new tragedy of Telugu cinema is that the comedian Potti Prasad aka Vijay Sai who is known for films like Ammailu Abbailu film committed suicide and also left a selfie video for his death cause.

He posted out in that a lawyer named Shashidhar along with his wife Vaitha allegedly is showing overture to him regarding money and other issues. The police found this video on his cellphone after his death. He is also suffering with zero film offers from few years as well. He is staying away form his wife from 2015 where financial and family problems put him int depression in no time.

His friends were saying that he is known for so cool and chilling attitude of his, And few said he used to motivate people who want to commit suicide. Telugu industry is mourning for him today.

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