TV9 Channel true color revealed on Critic Kathi Mahesh and Sunitha issue

A so called TV9 news channel who always run blindly on TRPs airing useless things for hours and hours did a 6 hours long lasting discussion program yesterday and as usually Kathi Mahesh attended and started to rubbish Pawan Kaylan advice to reach police if there is any casting couch issue to degrade Power star.

Everything went well for them as they are simply blaming the craziest Pawan Kalyan and in between Sunitha Boya, an upcoming actress joined this useless discussion and leaving a shocker to everyone she made intense allegation on Critic Kathi Mahesh and alleged that she had been sexually harassed by this so called Critic and also she had necessary proofs.

Now immediately the channel now started to divert the news as it is on their beloved person and told the actress not to discuss all these on live and need to complaint to police. The channel started the discussion to slam Pawan Kalyan’s words of people approaching police stations and courts then advised the same to the actress and in an hour they showed their true colour and showed their backing to Kathi Mahesh.

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Of late the actress on her social account posted a live stating that TV9 news channel and Maha news started calling her and started blackmailing her and also tried to attack in the mid Night. Finally Pawan Kalyan fans who are waiting for a right time started trolling this News channel and Kathi Mahesh.

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