Trivikram has no relation with Janasena, Kalyan and Trivikram wanted to prove this?

Pawan Kalyan in the other days Agnathavasi movie audio launch mostly focused on trying to clear out the air that Trivikram is not helping him at all in any way.

Pawan Kalyan gave an emotional speech and stated out that how Trivikram and he will be having same wavelengths coming from middle class background but Trivi is not helping him in any way. Also Trivikram cleared out in his speech saying “Naaku pawan Kalyan tho malli malli work cheyyalanundi. Cinemala vishayam lo matrame, Cinemala vishayam lo matrame”.

He stressed that last word almost 3 times and this is showing Pawan and Trivikram earlier planned to take Agnathavasi audio launch to clear out that JANASENA is no where in relation with Trivikram Srinivas. Trivikram and Kalyan made it possible.

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