Traffic Police fine hero Jai, Makes awareness video of him

Actor Jai who is well known for his role in the movie Journey was caught by the police on Tuesday night. The young hero was found driving a noisy car that had a banned muffler. He pleaded the cops to leave but ended up paying a fine of Rs 1500.

What’s more interesting is that the police decided to make a traffic awareness video featuring Jai. The actor was captured in the video with a traffic inspector beside his car. He advised the youngsters not to use banned mufflers and drive noisy cars as it would affect the heart patients and old people.

The traffic awareness video of Journey actor has been going viral on the internet and the twitterati have already started making memes on it. Two years ago, Jai was caught by the traffic police at Mylapore and was left with a speeding ticket. Hope he takes proper care post the recent incident.