Suresh Babu the producer raises his voice against JIO and Amazon.

Suresh Babu the famous producer finally made some serious comments on Amazon and other Online websites who are bringing in Digital film to fore ground. He said Amazon kind of things are killing cinema completely.

He spent his time at Mental Madhilo movie success meet and he admitted that Mental Madhilo did not get proper money though the good reviews along with positive word of mouth. Total Team of Mental Madhilo joined the function and explained their work experience.

At this juncture everyone started talking positive but suddenly Suresh took this issue and raised questions about online websites who are creating damage. he also said Jio is one o those who killing Telugu cinema and Indian cinema a lot. “There are 10 new releases last week and this week we have 15 but occupancy rate is lesser than 10%” Suresh Babu acclaims.

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