Why Sukumar’s heroes are Different, Bad sentiment for Rangasthalam?

Sukumar reveals! Tollywood heroes are never known for playing some grey characters. After these many years of routine commercial sagas now Telugu heroes too trying their best to prove the mettle out of them. Sukumar is a director who can bring out the best in a Hero that too particularly out of Star heroes.

In Ary and Arya two hero Allu Arjun has got some interesting shades and he is currently going well. Mahesh babu’s movie Nenokkadine has Hallucination concept. Ram charan’s Rangasthalam movie has got Deaf character of his who is dealing with 1985 saga. The main point here is Sentiment might go negative for Sukumar if the Hero is Suffering from some odds.

However, Sukumar explains this juncture “My Childhood is a lot of suffering tension and confusion. In every day and every phase of the life from Choosing coffee over tea and from tea with more sugar or less .. or strong tea, light tea; to writing scenes and stories, I have this confusion problem. My friends used to tease me a lot on this. I still carry those traits and I put them into my characters” stated Sukumar on his regular interviews for Rangasthalam.

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