Stranger throws chappal on Baahubali Actress Tamanna in Hyderabad

In a shocking note the Baahubali actress Tamanna got struck in public and got faced a bigger issue in the public few hours back in open place. She was in Hyderabad today where in Tamanna was seen opening a Malabar Gold Jewellary shop at Narayanaguda. A stranger came in and threw Chappal on her.

His name is Kareemuddin and he is studying B.Tech now. Narayanaguda police immediately took alert and arrested him on the spot. He was taken to Near by police station and police are taking in all details and reasons for his happening. Tamanna got shocked to see this happen and was worried for few minutes.

This news has been viral on Social media where Tamannaah fans are so serious on the security for not giving a good safety for her. She is top actress in Tamil and Telugu currently.

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