Sri Reddy’s counter to Nani’s wife Anju

Sri Reddy’s controversial posts on Facebook hit the headlines of late and have been going viral on the internet. The actress’ allegations on natural star Nani are now the hot news everywhere.

To put an end, Nani himself tweeted stating that he would take legal actions in case she continues to make such comments without proof. Also Nani’s wife Anju Yelavarthy took his side saying that those who try to belittle others are the ones who don’t think how little they think of themselves.

Reacting to the statements of Nani’s wife, Sri Reddy recently replied to Anju saying that his husband is not as good as she thinks. She further added that the actress (Sri Reddy) is not the only one who was sexually assaulted by Nani but there were many like her. She concluded saying that she would come up with proofs soon.

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As Nani himself stated earlier, he has already filed a complaint and would further proceed with legal actions. We will have to wait how all the controversy would end.

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