Sri Reddy sensation on Tollywood Heroes, “Y can’t NTR behave in Real life as he did in Reel Life”

There is no need for any introduction about Sri Reddy who has now became a sensation by raising the casting couch issue in Tollywood very strongly. She started revealing a new Tollywood biggies name daily with proofs to the media which brought shivers to for those who previously had links with her.

Moved by her protest MAA association formed a new woman wing committee to eradicate this Casting couch issue in Telugu industry and trying to reduce the damage done by her. Though Sri Reddy welcomed this committee says she doesn’t have any interest to be the president or as a member.

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Now her latest question is on Tollywood big heroes like Mahesh Babu, NTR and Ram Charan is why there is no response from these who belong to the same industry. In Rakhi film Jr NTR fought against the woman issues and why can’t he fight now or support us though we belong to the same Industry? Need to see whether any hero in the above list will react to this.

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