“Sri Reddy Phone conversation leaked: YSRCP tried to influence me”

Sri Reddy who became media sensation from few weeks started her protest against casting couch in whatever the way she wants sharing many pictures and conversations of Tollywood biggies. Many supported her and everything went well till her vulgar comments on Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan.

She got left and right from Power star fans and many celebrities and this made her to withdraw her words and apologized for her vulgar comments.

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Yesterday a phone conversation of Sri Reddy has been leaked to media and the overall conversation meant “RGV was the one who tried to spoke those kind of vulgar language on Pawan and a few YSRCP representatives met me and tried to use this situation. They forcefully wanted me to drag Pawan Kalyan into this and offered me a huge amount but I denied it, when I started crying they left my place and went away. I won’t leave Pawan Kalyan and will make sure he doesn’t get a single seat in the elections”
Sri Reddy in her conversation also showed her immaturity by again dragging the Janasena chief who doesn’t have any involvement directly in casting couch issue.

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