Sri Reddy Counter posts after Naga babu press meet, No stopping the protest

Nagababu who spoke to media an hour before strongly condemned Sri Reddy words on Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan and spoke to media regarding the casting couch issue that has been raised by Sri Reddy and assured proper care will be taken if there is any such bad acts and attempts and advised to be bold and react immediately if someone tries to behave in such a way.

After this immediately she took her Facebook account to react on his words and posted the message which meant “Naga babu words are so cruel, you are living in the society by wearing a humanist mask and don’t know to respect a woman. You are an imperfect man and I have answers for all the questions and you need assistance from a psychiatrist and hope you will follow my suggestion and the protest will continue right from Jeevitha Rajashekar and we are gathering all the necessary proofs”.

Many appreciated Sri Reddy protest keeping her personal character aside but everyone is against the way of her approach. The million dollar question is whether there is a hidden support back of her or she really pissed off the casting couch issue.

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