Sri Reddy Comments on Pavitra Lokesh

Pavithra Lokesh is one of the finest actors in the Telugu film industry right now. She is the first choice for the film makers for playing the mother characters in the industry. Pavithra Lokesh recently scored a hit with the film Sammohanam where she played Sudheer Babu’s mother.

Meanwhile she gave an interview to a new channel in the recent times and made some interesting comments about casting couch.

Sri Reddy has made some interesting comments as a counter to Pavithra. She said that casting couch is a sensitive issue and found Pavithra Lokesh’s comments wrong. Pavithra has found fault with the girls who are involved in casting couch along with the guys.

Sri Reddy indirectly warned Pavithra that she knew how Pavithra Lokesh was rose to fame all of a sudden. This is going to be an ugly battle and let us see how it is going to turn out.

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