Shocking remuneration for FIDAA heroine Sai Pallavi

Fidaa actress Sai Pallavi is known for her wonderful work in the film Fidaa the actress is absolutely a game changer for Female characters in Telugu cinema.

Sai Pallavi absolutely raised the movie quotient to another range and Sai has got some blockbuster heroine range after that film. Her new movie MCA-Middle class abbayi starring Nani in the lead role too went so grand and the film was a super hit minting more than 40 crores of Share.

According to the speculations, Sai Pallavi charged Rs.1.4 crores remuneration to do the love interest of Sharwanand. This movie is directed by Hanu Ragahvapudi wherein Sai Pallavi’s admirers are feeling that his remuneration for her is reasonable for her.

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