Shocking remuneration for Actress Shriya saran

The cute and sweet actress Shriya Saran is one of the ageless actresses in her timeline. Though there are few actresses who crossed her in movie hits and other things there is no unmatchable girl for Shriya in looks and maintaining the figure for lot many years, Shriya is always the girl who looks so completely fit and looks cute in her own way.

She has been getting some decent roles beside almost all heroes in Telugu and Tamil. She has some interesting insights about direction too soon. The news about her here is that Shriya’s remuneration quotient is under discussions in Film Nagar. She is always open to Character oriented roles as well.

The actress just needs to allot a week or two and Shriya is getting a decent pay cheque for the roles. She is even not much keen on huge pay because of which she is considered. For full-length roles, Shriya is charging a good number very lesser than Top actresses got paid these days. Shriya is now in the news at Tollywood and grabbing opportunities for the same cause. About 20lakh+ is what she is asking from producers but her condition is the hero should be a star one.

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