Shocking: Ram Gopal Varma shot GST in Hyderabad, Strong proofs are here

The porn/sexual film God Sex Truth has been an internet sensation while Ram Gopal Varma is now the main culprit to work on the film these days. The director is being blamed to give out the illegal porn in this country.

Ram Gopal Varma while stating out that he is not the one who met Mia or Mia did not come to India now a Women activist says that she has proved that RGV made the film in India itself in a Five-star hotel. She also said few Tollywood friends of RGV and a famous director too were seen during the shoot of this film.

She has been handling over those proofs to Police as soon as possible and will be putting out all the details before media too soon. Ramu is currently arguing that he filmed the movie shoot through Skype and he did not make a direct contact with the porn actress Mia Malkova at all and now this is shocking.

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