Shocking: Mohan Babu called THEM as DOGS, Who are they?

Actor Mohan Babu is known for her new style and own range of his. The actor is currently busy in expressing his opinions on lot of frank matters. He don’t want to bring in words on personal notes but he does it lot of times. Mohan Babu recently made the serious comments on Industry people who carry some typical style.

He said that Nobody in the industry is caring others as the unity is degrading the industry a lot these days. He also said there is no understanding between top producers too regarding the release date s in the industry. He accepted that there are groups in the industry and he opined that they should discuss over the issue.

“Some producers are lying that they have announced the release date at movie time launch but this is not true and this is creating conflict for the various releases of movies. He also criticised the producers who invest money into films without interest. He lashed out at some producers that they are living like dogs for the heroes.