Shocking: 1Crore Remuneration for Mohan Babu for 3 days!

Mohan Babu is the too good actors in Telugu cinema. He was once called the Collection king and his numbers decreased to very less in the past few years and decade for that instance. The elder sone of his Manchu Vishnu revealed why Mohan babu is doing some low kind of films.

He stated that his father is getting many roles and offering him so huge remuneration too. He stated that his father never listens to others.. if he doesn’t like the story and his character, he will not accept the film.

“Dad rejected a film where they even offered 1 crore for just 3 days of his call sheet ” revealed Mohan Babu’s dedication towards cinema and money is not a big deal for him. Vishnu stated his father accepted the character in Mahanati movie because he just loved it to do. He also said Father rejected several lots offers in past few years for same reason.

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