“Shocked to hear about prostitution racket in US,” says Mehreen Kaur

Recent news about the Chicago based NRI couple running a prostitution racket hit the headlines today as well. Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandra Modugumudi have been accused for trapping Tollywood actresses into prostitution.

Couple of days ago, Anchor Anasuya stated that the couple approached her for a Telugu event in America which she rejected after witnessing their unusual communication. Star actress Mehreen Kaur recently spoke to media about the same issue and expressed her views.

“I was initially shocked to hear about the prositution racket and the NRI couple running it. When I went to meet my parents who live in Canada, the immigration officials at the airport identified and stopped to enquire about the issue. They question me for almost half an hour and said that a producer from Telugu Film Industry is behind the racket for a long time,” said Mehreen.

Anasuya, Sri Reddy’s alleges NRI couple for prostitution

As per the reports, police officials have also enquired three more Tollywood actresses regarding the issue. However, neither the producer’s council nor the stars are tight lipped about the controversy.

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