Screen shots of Kathi Mahesh HOT CHAT WITH girls leaked!

The issue between Kathi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans has turned out into a new phase where Pawan fans or few others are putting out new sequence on Kathi Mahesh that this guy made few woman as victims and he sent some abusive and unparliamentary words as messages to girls of Facebook and Whatsapp.

Kathi also agreed the same that he tried to flirt with few people but never forced anyone to sleep with him, ” If they like my proposal they will come forward but i never forced them ” said Kathi when asked about the same. But its shocking that Kathi is putting finger in personal matters of Pawan Kalyan bringing names of Poonam Kaur and others.

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The screenshots named Kathi Mahesh are doing rounds on Social media where he has been putting a top notch flirty chat with few girls.

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